What Does Amanda Leeds Do: Meet My Wife

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What Does Amanda Leeds Do: Meet My Wif

If you have subscribed to my YouTube channel, you probably saw the video I recently made talking about how I met my wife. So I decided why not have her feature in one of my videos too. After all, it's been a minute since she made an appearance.

In this particular video, I was the interviewer, while Amanda was the interviewee. And here's how it played out.


Who is Amanda Leeds?

Amanda Leeds is my wife and the mother of my children. On top of managing our home and caring for our kids, she helps me run the business side of things. And I dare say Amanda is one of the brains behind the Samuel Leeds property enterprise.


Where is Amanda originally from?

Amanda was born and bred in Zimbabwe. Her parents decided to immigrate to England due to the poor state of the Zimbabwean economy. So wanting to create better opportunities for themselves and their children, they moved here. “I ended up in Leeds, and now my last name's Leeds,” Amanda said jovially.


How did we meet?

“People always think that we met through business,” Amanda revealed. Far from it. We met at a wedding back when I was 22 and Amanda was 21. However, I didn't tell Amanda about my property investments right away. So because I had just finished Bible College, she thought she'd “be a pastor's wife.”

I chose not to tell her about my property business from the get-go because I didn't want her to be attracted to me for my property portfolio. I wanted to know her for her and vice versa. But after two, three months of getting to know each other, I told her about my properties. And we were married within nine months.

How many kids do we have?

Amanda and I have three kids, two girls and one boy. In fact, we just had our youngest and second girl Jessica in February, making us officially a family of five. Interestingly, since it was a planned c-section, we knew the due date.

But I almost missed Jessica's birth as I had travelled to Northern Ireland for a financial freedom challenge close to the due date. So I was away when Amanda's contractions began, and as she puts it, “cutting it really really close to the birth.” But everything worked out fine.

Do we want any more kids?

“I'm open. I'm not totally closed off,” Amanda said in response. Personally, seeing as she is the one that goes through more, from pregnancy to childbirth, I'm happy with whatever decision she makes.


Does Amanda have any property qualifications and background?

Amanda studied quantity surveying at university and worked as a quantity surveyor after graduating. “A quantity surveyor is basically the person that manages all the costs in the construction process,” she explained. Amanda has worked with big clients in her career, including Coca Cola.


Where do her skills come in handy in our property business?

Amanda explained that quantity surveying is especially beneficial when we have a property development project. As it helps us estimate and manage construction costs.

What's Amanda's typical day like currently?

Since we have a newborn, Amanda's typical day, as she described, is as follows.

  • Wake up.
  • Feed the baby.
  • Bath her or take her downstairs and hang out with our kids, Ruby and Luke.
  • Make my porridge if I'm around. Amanda usually doesn't take breakfast.
  • If the weather is nice, go to the park with the kids.
  • If not, stay indoors and do stuff with the kids.

What's Amanda's role in the Samuel Leeds foundation?

“I've always like had the heart to want to help people that are less fortunate,” Amanda explained, so “I was glad that I met someone who had the same passion that I did.” We travelled to Zambia for our first charity trip, where we financed the digging of several boreholes in a remote village in Solwezi. The goal was to provide the villagers with clean and reliable water.

We've gone on other mission trips to Africa. Me more than Amanda because she has had to cancel several times owing to being pregnant. But there's one particular trip we're both grateful she couldn't make to come. “Honestly, God was really looking out for me,” Amanda explained. ‘

What happened was I went to Uganda for another aid mission in 2018 and was involved in a rafting accident that left me with a broken leg. It actually made the headlines in the UK media, with Daily Mail writing, “Tycoon cheats death after he is flung over 20ft waterfall in Africa.” While the Birmingham Mail headline read, “Property tycoon cheats death in raft horror lake full of crocodiles.”

But the accident didn't put an end to our charity efforts. Right before the pandemic happened, we were in negotiations with the Ugandan government to build a school. We also registered the Samuel Leeds Foundation in 2019. “We've got big plans,” Amanda hinted. “Massive plans,” I agreed.

Do we argue?

Amanda and I have never had an argument, silent treatment, or fallout in all our six years of marriage. We have had disagreements, of course, but we always keep it respectful. 

What's it like being married to Amanda Leeds?

Being married to Amanda is outstanding. She is an incredible wife, a great business lady, a talented interior designer, and most importantly, a great friend.

What's it like being married to Samuel Leeds?

Amanda had this to say in response to whether I'm a ball of fire even at home, “You're just the same … always high energy unless you're sleeping … I love it.”

What's the secret to our happy relationship?

“I would say the secret is putting each other first, so always considering the other person's feelings,” Amanda answered. I then added that we allow each other to be annoyed, where if I'm upset about something, Amanda gives me time to calm down instead of snapping at me. 

Amanda went on to compliment me for being quick to accept when I'm wrong and or apologize. “It's easy to do that because you let me be annoyed … you're sweet about it, it's the only natural reaction for me.” And lastly, while you will need to make sacrifices to grow your business, remember family comes first.

Want to see more of Amanda? Then subscribe to my YouTube channel and stay tuned for more videos featuring my lovely Mrs.

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