What is happening with MY CASTLE? | Q&A SUNDAY

Samuel Leeds

What is happening with MY CASTLE? | Q&A SUNDAY

Every week I answer questions that are asked in the comment section! Make sure to comment your questions below. if you'd enjoyed this video make sure to drop a like and subscribe!

Question1:  creating your prosperity

Hi Samuel, hope your well, for 4 bed unlicensed HMO's, What legal requirements do I need to comply with to make this happen and also is it a legal requirement to have communal areas in licensed & unlicensed HMOs?

Question 2: Abd Ul

Hey Samuel, what are the reasons for deals not going through in property deal sourcing? Thanks

Question 3: ​ – Andy P

How is your castle and Leeds land going? Don’t forget to document for us.

Question 4: marcos jalle

Samuel I got a question for you, do you think doing the financial freedom challenge would be possible in Spain? Or is it better in the UK?

Question 5: Haider Baker

My question: Do I really need a solicitor for the services I aim to provide e.g. R2R, deal packaging R2R deals and property deals, and If I do use a solicitor to draw up contracts, can I re-use those contracts?

Question 6: Harry Bogiatjis

Hi Samuel, thanks for all the great content! I have a question regarding interest only mortgages. I am currently developing my portfolio and am very familiar with the concept of ‘good debt'. But at some point (when you're a certain age) does it become hard to keep extending interest only mortgages? Does the debt need to be repaid eventually?

Question 7: Kieran O'Connell

Hey samuel, my parents own their personal house, mortgage paid etc worth around 230k, is there a way as their son I can release the equity to begin my investing journey?

Question 8: Fran

What are the differences between getting a BTL mortgage, doing the BRRRR method and using a bridging loan to do the same thing… I understand the advantages of a bridging loan but feel like the risk is higher (noting the higher the risk the higher the reward :')). For a first-time buyer/investor who is more worried about the high interest on a bridging loan, what would you suggest?

Question 9: MattWalker

My question if possible is; how would you best advise someone starting out who's interested in BRRR, would you advise getting a bridging loan for the whole cost? If not, what would you do. Thank you, much appreciated.

Question 10: Troy Gallacher

Hi Samuel I’ve just set up a company and started doing viewings for rent to rent. What steps would you take first before putting in an offer? As I understand you need insurances and contracts drawn up by solicitors. Should I speak to a solicitor and sort insurances out first or worry about that once a landlord has accepted an offer? Thanks in advance

Question 11: Yang Ray

Absolutely agree with you. You have been very inspirational. Been following you for the last three years now, and everything you said are so correct. I have bought five houses now and still buying. Please stay with us and keep motivate us by making more videos. Love you mate!

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