WHO Should I Make A MILLIONAIRE? | The Eviction 2020: THE FINAL

the eviction 2020

WHO Should I Make A MILLIONAIRE? | The Eviction 2020: THE FINAL!!

Hello! I am Samuel Leeds. I am a property investor and leads property education company. In the 2020’s eviction the big deal is raised by the stakes. The winner gets a great prize that changes his/her life in a financial freedom challenge. There have been all types of emotions seen when the candidates fight to be the winner of 2020 eviction.

Around 500 people applied to be the part of eviction out of which we selected 10 participants to battle for the prize. Candidates seem excited yet dedicated in making their dream turn true. So I am very close to the decision where I will reveal to whom I am gonna spend a week with for doing the financial freedom challenge. For this I asked three participants to meet me at my castle where I will introduce some severe training to which they have to go through. My business associates will meet them and go through their business plans and then they will appear to my boardroom where I will take the final decision.

So I went to Evan's house with Amanda and asked her opinion about him to which she said he seemed confident and he said I will win. Amanda is also interested to see if he actually wins or not. His family was quite excited after knowing that he will be coming on the show. Then we had a conversation in which I asked him about his back story when he moved to the UK so how he ended up here. He then told me that he moved to the UK in August 2015 and it’s almost six years now. He worked on a cruise ship and his family didn’t contribute much, not even he had that much money to start something of his own. He then transitioned to work at a range rover dealership and started earning a good amount. But it didn’t stay long as situations changed then he applied for the eviction.

Lawton and David’s Business Route

Then me and Amanda took a route to Lawton’s house which was really beautiful and I was curious to know why he needs money like he seems quite rich so what he gonna do with that. According to Lawton, he worked hard to make this happen to live a lavish lifestyle for himself and his family. He went through different jobs and COVID circumstances hit hard then he started watching my videos of property sourcing. Then we sit together for a business plan.

Then I moved towards David’s house and he also seems very solid to do this challenge. He told me there are less job opportunities in Ireland so that’s why he along with his family lives in the South east of England. He wants to do property work in his homeland i.e. Ireland. He shared a business plan with me as well.


A Castle of Business plans

Finally the day came where all three of them visited my home and I welcomed them with my business associates. I gave an introduction about them to the candidates. They went through the candidates’ business plans and they have some questions then I will take the decision of who is going to be the winner of the eviction 2020.

Now one by one candidates in the house meet the team of business associates and answer their questions. Evan was the first one to enter the discussion room where the associates asked for the clear vision of his business plan and one of them highlighted the unprofessional term of mommy in the business plan. As Evan stated in the plan that he wants to build his mommy’s house which seemed unprofessional to Alastair. His business plan was not up to the mark of the business associates.

Now it's Lawton’s turn and he was asked to share his personal goals which was not mentioned in the plan. Some of his business strategies are confusing and overly explained. They found a lack in his research.

The last candidate David appeared in the room. He was also asked to explain his business goal and how he was going to do his business in Ireland. He’s been appreciated for having an inspiration from Samuel Leeds to sell and build property anywhere through his words but they find it weak at some point of his explanation.

Now I sat with these candidates to reveal my decision after discussing it with Russell, JL and Alastair. When I visited Lawton’s home I told him to mention all of his personal goals, financial targets and business strategies but he missed all of it. While David seems to be a dependable ditherer. Evan’s business plan was all messed up.


Final Outcome

I discussed with them about their weaknesses then I told them that I will come back with one last final opportunity and only after that I will take the final decision. So I asked them one by one and asked them why I chose him to be the winner of the financial freedom challenge of eviction 2020. All of them tried their best to convince Samuel with their best answers.

And it’s finally the time to reveal the winner and to me David deserves to win this so give to him but I made a slight change to the decision and gave a financial freedom challenge to Lawton as well. How about Evan? I gave him too. I raised the bar and I will have three financial freedom challenges at all of them houses in Ireland, London and Manchester and we will take out the best results over the week. The winner will become a property millionaire through property education and different business strategies by me. I put together a prize draw for the people who are following and watching the eviction so here I am announcing their names: Sadie g and Ross Harley, they will receive a training of worth12000 pounds. Congratulations!

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