Wholesale Real Estate vs Deal Sourcing?

Samuel Leeds

Wholesale Real Estate vs Deal Sourcing

Hey! What’s up? I am Samuel Leeds and today I will discuss the differences of wholesale real estate and deal sourcing. I have been asked so many times from the people to clear the confusion so thought to share it now. Let’s begin.

What is Wholesaling?

Wholesaling is basically when you buy the property at a price that is more than it deserves. Like if you buy a property for 80,000 pounds but you know its worth is more than that, maybe 90,000 pounds then what will you do? You will buy the property for 80,000 pounds and search a buyer to sell it for 90,000 pounds. That means you make a profit, so you will be a middle person that buys a property and sells it by keeping the margin of profit. This is what wholesalers do, they make money like this. This is quite great but it is not like deal packaging, it's totally different.

What is Deal Sourcing?

Many people get confused and think wholesaling and deal packaging are the same thing. No! They both are different and I find deal sourcing much better. I have an experience of selling hundreds of deal packaging which made me a millionaire.

Deal sourcing is when you buy a property on a fixed price and then you don’t make a profit by selling it on a little bit high price but what you will do is make a package, a deal package. It is like an opportunity that you are passing on to someone else for the same price but what you gonna do is ask for the fee which can be an introducing fee or finder’s fee that will be 2000 pounds. Of course the terms and conditions apply to the deal but what beneficial is that you just passing on the deal, taking a fee and then move on to the next deal package. Isn’t it interesting? You can make a lot of deal packages and earn money.

Wrap Up

So this is it for today. Let me know which one you have experienced a wholesaling or a deal sourcing and how did you find it? For more property knowledge subscribe to my YouTube channel now. 

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