Financial Freedom. Again?

Never one to shy away from a challenge Samuel Leeds has decided to take on one of his greatest thus far, his financial freedom challenge which will see him start from scratch that means absolutely zero with no access to his finances or any of his investments the end goal trying to reach financial freedom once again.

The nucleus of this challenge for Samuel was to prove to people who perhaps had doubts about achieving financial freedom and what it really took to achieve it that alongside the right amount of knowledge and key information anyone can do it. 

This idea was then broadcasted by Samuel to his strong social media following that showed nothing but support along with 10,000 Facebook votes by people that all wanted to see him complete the challenge and was the final impetus that he needed. 

The rules of engagement for the challenge are simple yet strict starting on the 15th of November Samuel will check into a hotel with the destination being picked out of a hat he will be equipped with nothing but the bare essentials and a week’s worth of clothing.

He will not be allowed any help from his staff or to receive investment from people within his existing network of contacts.  To achieve the goal of financial freedom Samuel will need to make £3,000 a month through property investments with half being passive income acquired through rental returns.   

The beauty of the challenge will show the public first-hand what it really takes to be financially free broadcasting how effective the philosophies of Samuel are and when applied correctly the effect they can have.

The outcome of the challenge will be made available for everyone’s viewing pleasure in the form of a documentary that will be released on Samuel's YouTube channel on the boxing day the 26th of December.   

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