Winners on a Wednesday #18

This week’s winners on a Wednesday we are introduced to Piers. After attending a crash course in the summer of 2018 he was then able to make an income of £3,000 per month off just one deal.

Piers introduction to Samuel wasn’t intentional, due to owning a high street estate agents a client that he was helping mentioned his buying strategy was down to attending a Samuel Leeds crash course.

Pier's eyes were initially raised by his client’s insistence on buying a property in Hull. This location was something that he or his client was not familiar with.

Still slightly intrigued by the idea of Samuel and buying properties outside of your current location. Piers mentioned this to his brother who to his surprise was already very up to date on Samuel and instructed him to watch Samuel’s videos on YouTube channel.

Together Piers and his brother decided to attend Samuel’s crash course. 10 days after Piers had closed on his first deal which was a block of 4 apartments which was a direct deal with the landlord.

The deal was a Rent to Rent. This involves the landlord renting the property to Piers with him then renting it himself giving a set agreed fee to the original landlord each month.  This deal alone brings him in a income of £3,000 per month.

Piers self manages his property which takes a one day of his time during the week.  The progression he has made during his time getting in property investing has afforded him the benefit of spending more time with his family and taking on other properties that come his way.

It didn’t take Piers a long period of time to become successful within property, but he continues to expand his knowledge and grow his portfolio. He believes that having some sort of education is important in order to invest wisely.

That doesn’t mean having a degree or years of knowledge but just attending the course alone can make a huge difference as Piers has shown.  Being informed on the legal side of property investing is vital and this will come with educational preparation.

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