Winners on a Wednesday #20

Florin arrived from Romanian not being able to speak any English, owning a plumbing company that was on its way down. He was able to turn this around and now is on course to a turnover of nearly £250K.

Florin has completed 6 deals so far, he has been able to make success within in property by taking on a relatable approach with all the customers he has worked with.  He believes that money is important but building solid relationships with them is also important.

Valuing the customers has resulted in great feedback with everyone that he has worked with and has helped him to create a solid and approachable brand.

The teachings that he has gained from Samuel not only helped boost his investing but also his plumbing business that was really struggling before the property took off.

When starting in any business you will need to have a vision this should be something that you stick with during the highs and lows of business.  This can be the foundation of not only how you treat your customers but also the staff you work with.

Florin early steps in property were deal sourcing he found this too good to be true, collecting deals and packaging them to investors.  He found that it was very easy to source deals. Due to the fact he didn’t have the money to purchase the properties himself, he found this an easy way to get his foot in the door while making some money.

The properties that florin was looking for were HMO’s and single lets with a background working in construction and double glazing.

Florin's eye for discovering properties that didn’t need much work on them and enabled him to make good returns on the investment. He was usually looking around 20-25%. The locations that florin was sourcing in were well built up areas with schools nearby that carried a family-friendly environment.

Florin believes that he was only able to achieve this kind of success due to his mindset. He didn’t allow himself to dwell on any failures and kept striving forward even when hard times hit. A strong self-belief and big dreams all attributed to his accomplishments.

It’s never late to begin investing but making sure that you have the right education some of the best investments you can make will be in yourself.

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