Would I Buy Off Plan Property Ready in 3 Years? (And LOTS of other Questions re Property Investment)

Samuel Leeds

Would I Buy Off Plan Property Ready in 3 Years? (And LOTS of other Questions re Property Investment)

00:45 1. When doing the BRR strategy, how do you know that what you’re doing will add value to the property i.e new kitchens/bathrooms, general refurb, maybe increase EPC. Is there a general guide? 2. Do you think when building a portfolio of properties it is better to mortgage on an interest only basis for as long as possible?
02:57 I am about the place an offer tomorrow and feeling quite terrified, even though it's not my first investment property. It's a 3 bed house I want to convert to 5 bed HMO, it has a large kitchen dinner so I could convert both receptions.
04:08 Hey samuel, I'm 16 years old and I am interested in property investing in the UK in the future, but, I live outside of the UK and do not have any citizenship or residency. Is that a problem for someone outside of the UK to come invest in property? How can I do it and will there be any problem with getting a mortgage?
05:26 I'm desperate to make a start in property but I'm too risk adverse with having a residential mortgage and 3 children to support. My wife isn't on our mortgage so we're considering all the different strategies in particular BRRR. I'm looking at releasing some equity from our house to enable my wife to get a bridging loan and then buy-to-let mortgage (hopefully interest only). What are your thoughts? What are the chances of her getting the B2L mortgage and bridging loan as she's never had a mortgage in her name? Are interest only hard to obtain?
07:48 Hi, I've purchased my first buy to let property for 2k cheaper than the previous owner did 12 years okay. Is it it common trend to see rises after a period of stagnation?
08:27 What are the exact steps needed to set up a property business including all necessary insurances and my second question is what are the steps to become a deal sourcer including how much it’ll cost to get compliant.
10:12 Thanks for answering my question and making it the video title. The ‘case study pack’ idea was just what I needed 👍
10:24 I am very confused in which path to take rent to hmo rent to sa lease options or brrr. not knowing what path to take has left me in the gutter and im sure other people have this problem so please can you give me some advice. i have 50k would you start brrr or rent to rent? the reason im not sure which one to go for is atm in my life im at the stage were i can take risks but in a careful manor so which buisness model would you take as a safer option in my poistion. thanks looking forward to hearing from you 👍🏼keep up the good work
11:57 I thought I had everything planned refinance my residential property as I have £150000 equity in a 300000 pound property, 75% ltv plus savings would have a starting pot of about 150000 I was just going to implement BRRR but since reading up on serviced accommodation and the tax advantages I’m torn , any chance of a coffee to run my ideas by u 🤯🤯
13:25 You say you have bought lots of properties using different strategies. Do you have a reason for using a specific strategy on a specific house or do you just decide which strategy you want to use randomly
15:19 Hi samuel im from scotland and i have been watching your videos for a while now but all of your advice would that work up here in scotland or is that just for down in england also how would i go about starting my own property business with no experience also how would i find investers and so on if a did start
16:12 Would you buy off plan property ready in 3 years ?
16:20 What is the best thing to do as a complete beginner in property, what’s the best way to get knowledge quickly?
17:04 I am contacting a bunch of agents, I am hearing a lot of the times agents are saying “Sorry, this house is under offer”. I don't know what I should be doing in this scenario. Estate agents seem uninterested in taking higher offers. This seems odd to me. Am I doing something wrong?
18:20 How would you invest £100k? How would you invest it if you had limited free time (I.e. work long hours).


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