6 Steps to Becoming a Property Multi-Millionaire From Nothing

Samuel Leeds

6 Steps to Becoming a Property Multi-Millionaire From Nothing…

Samuel Leeds here. And today, I want to share six steps for starting and scaling your property business and ultimately becoming successful. Now, this will entail actionable information, so what you learn from this article could potentially change your life, but only if you take action. Grab your notebook and pen, and let's get started.

Steps to Start Your Property Business


  • Educate Yourself

If you have subscribed to my channel and watch my videos, you're well on the right path. People that succeed and win in life are usually those that first educate themselves. Let me share a short story.

There once was a wise man who had to chop a tree down with a saw. And he only had a day to do it. But halfway through the day, he was yet to start. So someone came up to him and asked him why he hadn't begun cutting down the tree. The man said it's because he's still sharpening his saw. And the sharper his saw will be, the less time and effort it will take to chop down the tree.

Many people fail in business because they don't invest in their education, so they lack the knowledge to do it properly. So if you want to be financially free and prosperous, be like the wise woodcutter and sharpen your skills first. That said, I'd like to invite you to be mentored by myself and other property experts 24/7 through the Samuel365 program.

Aside from coaching and mentorship, becoming a member of Samuel365 also gives you access to the Mastermind Forum, where you interact with like-minded individuals. These include architects and BRRR, rent-to-rent, and deal sourcing specialists, who can answer your questions and give you expert advice. 

You can be a part of this life-changing program for just £1 for seven days, after which you'll pay £95 a month if you choose to continue your subscription. I urge you to take advantage of the 7-day trial today and get access to advanced property training and unlimited mentorship, which I know will for sure change your life. You can sign up here.


  • Co-Deal Source


Co-deal sourcing is when you find prime property investment deals and then pass them on to up and running deal sourcing companies for a fee. So you don't need a compliant company, an investor list, or a reputation because it's up to the company to sell your deal to an investor. Yours is only to find good deals, pass them on to a deal sourcing and packaging company, and get paid your finder's fee.

You can make up to £1,000 or more every time you do it. And anyone can do it, especially since there are hundreds of companies looking for property investment deals. And you can find some of these deal sourcers on Samuel365, which is another reason to join the program and grow your network. You can also learn a little bit more about co-deal sourcing from this video.

  • Deal Source

Alternatively, you can become a deal sourcer yourself. But this will require you to set up a deal sourcing business and have a list of investors to sell your deals. Done right, this is the fastest way to get quick money in property. And this doesn't mean getting rich fast. It means you get results quickly.

Now, as the money keeps coming in, which could be £2,000 here and £4,000 there, your confidence in your craft will grow. So you'll have the courage to reinvest your money back into your business, education, and property portfolio. You can purchase a four-week online course about how to start a professional deal selling business here.


  • Joint Venture With Other Investors


Instead of selling all the profitable property deals you find and making a little bit of quick money, you can take a joint venture approach with some. Using the skills that you learn from Samuel365, you negotiate an appealing deal and ask your investors to invest in it rather than buy it. So you find a deal, they fund it, and you share the profits 50/50.

When you manage to do this twice with two different deals, you will basically have 100% of a free house. And wouldn't you rather have 50% of something than 100% of nothing? Many people spend their lives trying to save up and build their property portfolio, but it never happens. But those with the knowledge of how to identify and bring on the right joint venture partner can start to grow their property portfolio real fast.

I have also designed a training course on joint ventures, which you can complete in four weeks. You can access the training program here if you want to start learning how to raise capital and partner with ultra-wealthy investors.


Steps to Scale Your Property Business


  • Use the BRRR Strategy


Once you have several properties on your portfolio, are financially free, and are making good money from the strategies discussed above, it's time to start scaling your business. One of the ways to do this is through the BRRR method of investing in property. BRRR stands for buy, refurbish, refinance, and rent.

You find a cheap property, refurbish it to push up its value, refinance it based on its new value, then pull out your money and reinvest it in another property. And the cycle continues.

The strategy is ideal for scaling your business because it doesn't tie down your money in a single property. If you buy a property for £50,000, you can reinvest that £50,000 over and over by applying the BRRR method.

The key is knowing which properties are ideal and how to fund the deal. Once you have this down, it's a game-changer. To learn how to recycle your money every time you buy a property, begin an online BRRR boot camp here.


  • Get Into Property Development


The second way to scale your property business is through property development. You can make up to seven-figure profits from just one deal, even if you have no capital. So when you become financially free, I recommend that you start looking for bigger investment opportunities. After all, a small deal will take up as much energy as a big deal. 

I'm running a £1 course called Development Secrets Intensive open to anyone who wants to get started in property development. You can register for a ticket here and learn, among other things, how to find and appraise sites and how to build houses from the ground up and make big money.


Do Not Be Left Out

The reason I have so many students, some of whom you see on Winners on a Wednesday sharing their success stories, is because I'm the best property investment trainer out there. And two, my training is either free or ridiculously cheap, like £95 a month. Visit the links within the article to find out the different courses available. If you need help determining which training program is the best for you, you can request a call from our training advisors here

All in all, I hope you found this blog insightful and will put into action what you have learned. Until next time.

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