Developer Keeks Exposed! 3 Facts About Sneaky FAKE GURU Rudy Andrew Knott

Developer Keeks Exposed: In a recent video, I take a close look at a “property developer” who claims to have made millions, Rudy Andrew Knott (aka DeveloperKeeks). Developer Keeks made a TikTok video claiming that the figures for one of my property development deals were false. In the video, not only do I debunk his claims, but I expose Developer Keeks as a fake guru profiting off his parents' property developments!

If you have been following Developer Keeks, or paying for his mentorship, it is imperative that you watch the full video (above) until the end. Developer Keeks presents himself as a highly experienced property developer, but this couldn’t be further from the truth! In this article, I will expose why Developer Keeks is wrong about my property deal and how he misleads his audience about his own development experience.

1. Developer Keeks Exposed: Wrong Figures

Developer Keeks recently posted a TikTok video claiming that I posted false figures for one of my property development joint ventures. In reality, all he does is expose his own lack of property development knowledge! For example, he didn’t know the difference between commercial and residential stamp duty rates! I thought this guy was meant to be a property developer?!

The deal in question was my St Anne’s Close Development joint venture. If you want to see exactly how the deal was structured and all the figures, you can download a free PDF with a full breakdown. By downloading this free PDF you can gain an insight into the actual costs, revenues and strategies that make up a successful property development. Needless to say, it exposes Developer Keeks claims as utter nonsense!

2. Developer Keeks Exposed: Parents' Success, Not His Own

So who is Rudy Andrew Knott aka Developer Keeks? Well, he did a little bit of football; he wanted to play professionally, and that didn't work out for him. But then, luckily, his mum married a rich guy! His name is Justin Knott, and he runs a very successful property development company called Bellmore Homes Limited.

How does Rudy “Developer Keeks” fit into all of this? He doesn’t! He doesn’t own any of Bellmore Homes, although he has attempted to pass it off as his company. In reality, he has his own company Calleva Homes Ltd, a company with no land or properties! The company had a net worth of £5 at the end of the last reporting period!

So how does Developer Keeks look like an experienced developer on TikTok? What he does is he goes to mummy and daddy's development sites, and he shiftily makes little videos and says, “Hey, I invested in this land, and I did this, and I did that.” In reality, it is his parents' success, not his!

3. Developer Keeks Exposed: Doesn’t Apologise When Proven Wrong

When I saw Developer Keeks video, I immediately wanted to get things cleared up. I offered to provide the actual figures to him, if he was willing to apologise and take down the video (if the figures proved him wrong). His response was to block me! My lawyers send him all the figures and documentation. He acknowledged the figures, but made excuses for his video. He didn’t take the video down or apologise.

This shows a patten of entitlement. First, he misleads his audience, passing off his parents' success as his own. Now, when he is proven wrong, he doesn’t feel the need to apologise and correct his mistake. If my child acted this way, I would be embarrassed!

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