Fight: Rob Moore vs. Samuel Leeds

As you may have seen, I recently interviewed Rob Moore from Progressive Property on my YouTube channel. We agreed to fight each other in a £50,000 boxing match. In this video, we sat down to draw up contracts for the fight and we upped the bet to £100,000! The fight will be on 1st July 2023 and tickets are available here 

Rob said on a podcast that he thought he would win in a fight against me, so I challenged him to put his money where his mouth is! It will be an event well worth attending, regardless of who you side with. Of course, this will also be great marketing for both companies too. In this article, I will give you 3 ways to use controversy to market your business.

1. Respond to the haters

The traditional public relations approach is to ignore the critics and haters. If you speak about them, you are driving attention towards their claims. However, if you ignore them, their claims go unaddressed and people start to believe them. The key is to respond to them and utterly eviscerate them with the facts. Expose them and show that you have nothing to hide.

If your haters cross the line into illegal harassment or unlawful defamation, don’t be afraid to take them to court. Being silent will not help you, but being known as someone that won’t take any nonsense will. Not only will people avoid lying about you, but the content exposing the liars will create new fans of your business as well.

2. Take a stand

Most businesses don’t want to say anything that might be controversial. But taking a stand on issues that directly affect your industry is a good way to direct attention on who you are and what you do. Not everyone will agree with you, but those that do will be drawn to your business. Taking a stand can also drive mainstream media coverage, which will also bring in more business and increase brand recognition.

Make sure you pick your battles though. Stick to issues that directly affect your industry and customers. Avoid going into general, unrelated politics or backing a specific party. Speak about things that relate back to the products and services you offer. This ensures you will attract an audience who could be interested in becoming a customer.

3. Build your tribe

By applying the previous two steps above, you will begin to find people that resonate with you and your message. Make sure you connect with them. Get them on an email list. Invite them to your Facebook group. Provide them with engaging content that will keep them thinking about your business.

These people will become your tribe. They will talk about, defend and promote you and your business because they believe in what you do. Value these people. You can grow this group over time and many will become loyal customers. Do this right, and you will stand out in your market over and above all the competition!


Don't miss out on your tickets to the fight! ROB MOORE V SAMUEL LEEDS. 1st July 2023


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