3 Powerful Tips For Getting In Shape As An Entrepreneur – Samuel Leeds Body Transformation

What is the point of making money if you don’t have your health to enjoy it? That’s why I am going to give you 3 tips for getting in shape as an entrepreneur. Recently, I have been focusing more on getting fit and have been training hard. This has helped me lose a lot of weight and improve my overall health. While I have always been good at business, staying motivated to keep fit has often been a challenge for me.

Through my fitness journey, I have found there are some entrepreneurial principles that apply to working out as well. In the video (above) I show you exactly how I have transformed my body with an intense exercise regime. I highly recommend watching the full video until the end if you are serious about your own health and fitness. In this article, I will give you 3 tips for getting in shape as an entrepreneur using principles you already use in the business world.

1. Get Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

Getting in shape as an entrepreneur isn’t that different to getting rich. It requires you to get outside your comfort zone. If you only did familiar things, easy things, things everyone does, you would not be in business. If you are a business person, you are already someone that is willing to go the extra mile. You are someone that does what other people won’t.

Take that mindset and apply it to a fitness routine. Look at what successful fitness people do and do that. Don’t follow what the masses do. Don’t do whatever is the easiest option. Expect it to be hard work and outside of the norm. Expand what is normal for you and keep pushing yourself.

2. Getting In Shape As An Entrepreneur Means Always Having Goals

Fitness isn’t a single goal. You don’t say “once I hit this weight, I’m done” or “once I can lift this much weight, I can relax a bit”. Imagine if you did that in the business world. You grew your business and property portfolio to a certain size and then stopped. You wouldn’t be a very good business person and, in all likelihood, you would lose what you had gained already. The same is true of getting in shape as an entrepreneur.

When you reach your fitness goals, get new goals. Keep expanding what is possible and pushing yourself further. It isn’t a journey with a fixed destination, it is a process that continues forever. Never stop growing and expanding your horizons.

3. Environment Is More Important Than Willpower

If you are surrounded by people that aren’t interested in making money, in most cases, you won’t get very far yourself. To be successful, it helps to have successful people around you. If all your friends are making money, you don’t want to be the only one that isn’t. The same is true for fitness. If you have people that care about fitness around you, you will not want to be the only lazy person not working out! Spend money hiring personal trainers and spend time making friends with the right people.

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