HMO Bootcamp with Samuel Leeds | Property Training 2022

In my latest video, I give an insight into my HMO Bootcamp. I don’t just “teach” property, rather I make you actually “practise” finding and analysing your own property deals live. This means that many people find deals live on my training programmes. In this video (above) a trainee finds out that she can buy her home via right-to-buy with no money down. Please watch the full video for all the details.

Sometimes something can be right in front of you but unless you invest in yourself and your financial education, you will never find out. It could be that you have the right to buy your council property; it could be that there is a way to buy the property you are looking for with no money down; or there could be a property strategy that will let you save for your first deposit. However, unless you invest in your financial education, you will never know.

Free content is great, but if you want training rather than just information you need to become comfortable with making an investment. In this article, I will give you 3 reasons investing in yourself is so important.

1. You either pay for training or pay with your mistakes

When you are learning to invest in property, there will be a lot of people offering you a lot of advice. Some of it will be good, some not so good. Some people will seem like experienced investors but it doesn't necessarily mean they know everything about every strategy. You may well be told that rent-to-rent is illegal subletting by some people. The truth is, if you do it the wrong way with the wrong contracts, it is!

So, you could either be put off taking a profitable path or encouraged to do something that could lead you into trouble. Even if you manage to only get perfect advice from perfect advisors, if you are new you will make some sort of error in the implementation. This will all cost time and money. You can take this path if you wish, but the better option is to invest far less time and money in good, high quality training instead.

2. You are your best investment

If you are going to become a property investor, you will be investing tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of pounds into real estate over the course of your career. Of course, this may well be investors' money rather than your own. Nonetheless, with that much money on the line, isn’t it sensible to invest a small percentage of that into yourself?

You are what investors and business partners will be investing in. You need to know your stuff and speak like a professional. You need to understand the terminology. You need to know more than the experienced business person you are speaking to, to prove your worth. This means you need to invest in your education!

3. Environment beats will power

If you are around people that are doing property deals and taking massive action, you will want to do property deals and take massive action. If you are around people that don’t care about making money and prefer to spend their time socialising, you will want to copy their behaviour. It is much easier to change your environment than to fight against your environment with will power. If you go on training courses you will be around people that are committed to making a change in their life. You will be around people doing property deals. This will become a norm for you.

If you are ready to invest in yourself, you don’t need to start with a huge amount. I have a training course coming up for just £1! You can book a ticket here.

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