How I Made My First Million By 25 Years Old | Samuel Leeds Story

In a recent video I explained exactly how I became a millionaire by age 25. I hope that you watch it and become inspired to do the same in your own life. I am the sort of person that shares everything I do. If I see a good movie, I try and get my whole family to watch the movie. If I eat at a great restaurant, I tell all my family and friends to go eat at it. In the same way, when I became a millionaire, I told all my friends and family. Now my whole family, my brother, my sister, my parents are all doing what I’m doing and making money in property.

Many rich people just hide away and don’t talk about how they did it. I always vowed never to do that. I became a millionaire by the age of 25, and now I am a multimillionaire. Once you make your first million it’s not hard to do it again. It’s like learning to drive; the hard bit is learning to drive, but once you know how to drive it is no longer hard to do. So, please watch the full video above to find out exactly how I became a millionaire. In this article, I will give you a summary of 3 things I did to make my first million.

1. I learnt to find good deals

I began in property buying houses using strategies such as purchase lease option agreements, joint ventures and borrowing from investors. Working with investors and other business partners helped me develop a keen understanding of exactly what was and wasn’t a great deal and how to present a deal to another person.

Although you will get rich buying property over a long period of time, I wanted something that could bring in money a lot faster. With a faster strategy I could have more money to pay back investors; for living expenses; and to invest and thereby build more wealth.

2. I started to sell deals

I decided to use the skills I had developed from buying property with investors and other partners. I decided to find and pass on deals to other investors for a fee. Back then there were no YouTube videos talking about deal sourcing, so I had to figure it out for myself.

At first, I would take investors out on trips looking at properties. If they found something they liked, they would pay me a finder's fee. Then one of my business mentors, Tony Crook, suggested that I simply put offers on the properties and then send them out to my email list. I started doing this and eventually systematised the business so it required little hands on involvement from me.

3. I re-invested into property

I used some of the money I made from this on living a good life and the rest I invested into property. Doing this helped me to build a property portfolio, which increased in value over time.

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