How To Become A Millionaire With No Money! #1 Shocking Homeless To Riches Case Study

How To Become A Millionaire With No Money: I recently sat down with Julie, who went from: living in poverty in a Zimbabwean slum; to calling a red phone booth in Edgware her home; to becoming a millionaire! In the interview, Julie explains exactly how she became one of London's top real estate solicitors and a property investor, starting with no money! If you want a clear path to success starting from zero, I highly recommend watching the full video at the top of the page until the end.

There are so many inspiring parts of Julie’s story. Her journey is heart-warming, but more importantly something you can learn from. Listen to her case study and think about how you can apply it to your own life. If you understand the lessons and take action, you can experience transformative change yourself! In this article, I will give you 3 lessons from Julie’s story that will show you how to become a millionaire with no money!

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1. How To Become A Millionaire With No Money: Persistence And Resilience

Julie faced incredible personal challenges. From tragedy in Zimbabwe, to being wrongfully kicked out of her home as a child, to homelessness on the streets of the UK, Julie experienced it all. Many people would have given in and identified as a victim. But Julie just kept picking herself up, using her experiences to grow as a person and as a businesswoman.

If you have challenges in your life, you have to choose how to see them. Are they lessons that will help you to succeed in the future or impediments that will hold you back? You can’t always choose what happens to you, but you can choose how you react to it. The future millionaires reading this will take the path of radical self-accountability.

2. How To Become A Millionaire With No Money: Education

Julie used education as a path out of poverty. She trained as a lawyer, but she also learnt about property investment. This allowed her to make money that she could then invest to produce passive income. This combination of a traditional career alongside creative property strategies, such as rent to rent, help Julie to rise above the rest.

Education doesn’t have to be via the mainstream University system. There are many ways to learn skills that can make you a millionaire. The key is to find a skill that can bring in a stream of cash, that can then be invested in income producing assets.

3. How To Become A Millionaire With No Money: Know The Law

Julie studied the law and became a lawyer. While most people are not going to go that far, a knowledge of the law is important. For example, it is important to understand the difference between a guest and a tenant as a property investor. One can be easily removed when there is a problem, the other has serious legal rights that must be respected!

Knowing the law is a powerful tool if you want to be rich. It allows you to know exactly what you can and cannot do, and helps you avoid trouble down the road. Take the time to study the laws pertaining to your industry. It will pay off in the long run!

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