How To Buy A Rental Property With No Money! 3 Amazingly Simple Steps!

How To Buy A Rental Property With No Money: Yes, you can buy houses with zero money. Not just any houses, you can buy big, massive 10-bedroom houses. How do I know? Because not only have I done it, but hundreds and hundreds of people do it constantly, all the time. In a recent video, I visited James’ property that he secured with none of his own money and rents out at £65,000 per year! If you want to see exactly how he did it, watch the full video until the end. If you are serious about buying a rental property with no money down, make sure to watch the video until the end!

A lot of people are sceptical about the idea of buying a property with none of their own money. However, once you know how, it is very possible. You just need the right education and skills. In this article, I will give you a simple 3-step guide on how to buy a rental property with no money. If you find this guide helpful, please share it on your social media. The more people that have access to financial education, the better society we all can live in!

1. How To Buy A Rental Property With No Money: Find A Property And Strike A Deal With An Investor!

The first step of how to buy a rental property with no money is to find a property deal. This will generally mean finding a property that you can add value to. This might mean finding a property that you turn from a 3 bed single let into a 4 bed HMO. This could also mean finding a property that is uninhabitable that needs a full refurbishment. You will need to find a fantastic deal that will appeal to an investor.

Then, you need to find an investor! You can find investors by attending property networking events and property training events. You can then explain to the prospective investors you are looking for a partner on the deal, with them putting in the money and you doing all the work. You will need some property experience or some training to show investors you are serious. If you don’t have training or experience, keep reading, as there will be an opportunity for you at the end of this article.

2. How To Buy A Rental Property With No Money: Get The Correct Legal Contracts In Place!

Once you have an investor's interest, it is time to draw up terms. How much of the profit is the investor willing to split with you? How is the investment going to be made? A director’s loan or a partnership agreement? You will need to make sure each party understands exactly how things will work, because miscommunication can lead to conflict further down the line.

You will need to have a lawyer draw up contracts from scratch, or get templates that you can modify from a property training provider (and then have a lawyer review them).

3. How To Buy A Rental Property With No Money: Buy And Manage The Property!

Finally, you will need to buy the property. Now the work begins, you will be overseeing the refurbishment and the management of the property. This is what you bring to the table for the investor, who is putting in all the money!

You will then have your first case study that you can show to other investors. This means over time you can build a property portfolio with none of your own money!

Learn How To Buy A Rental Property With No Money

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