How To Get A Job In Property With No Experience – 3 Powerful Job Interview Tips!

How To Get A Job In Property With No Experience: In a recent video, I interviewed people on the streets of London for a job with my company. A lot of people want to work for me, or in the property industry in general, so this was a big opportunity. A number of people tried out for the position, leading to the craziest job interviews you have ever seen!

You can watch exactly what happened in the video at the top of the page. If you want to learn what to do in an interview, and more importantly, what not to do, I highly recommend watching the full video until the end.

Getting your first job in the property industry can be hard. To get the job, you need experience. But how do you get experience, if you can’t get a job in the sector? If you don’t have any experience in property, here are 3 interview tips that will help you succeed.

1. How To Get A Job In Property With No Experience: Transferable Skills

Reuben, who I gave the job to after the interviews, didn’t have experience in the property sector. But he was in the army. Being in the army gives you a lot of transferable skills, and Reuben spoke about that in his interview. It is important to be able to identify how your current, and previous, work experience could be beneficial to the job you are applying for.

Property is a people business. If you are good with people; if you are good at sales; if you are good at customer service, it is all relevant. Don’t be afraid to explain how your experience in other fields can apply to property, even if the connections might not be readily apparent!

2. How To Get A Job In Property With No Experience: Embrace The Unexpected

In the job interview, I sent Reuben off to buy me a coffee. Reuben did it without a second thought. He even bought me a selection of coffees, because he forgot to ask what type of coffee I wanted! Many people would have questioned why I was asking them to do this, or even refused. However, if you want the job, you need to embrace the unexpected like Reuben did!

While most interviewers are not going to ask you to go out and buy them a coffee, be ready for unusual questions or tasks. Show that you really care about getting the job and that you can think on your feet. This will help you to stand out above the other candidates, even if they have more experience than you!

3. How To Get A Job In Property With No Experience: Act Fast!

Reuben was offered the job and was ready to sign the contract on the spot. In the property business, you need to be able to make snap decisions. Don’t overthink things, be ready for action! If an opportunity comes your way, be ready to grab it with both hands. If you procrastinate, you will miss your chance.

If you are an action taker, you will see the benefits. We create our own luck in life by being open to it. Find what you are looking for, and go for it, without reservation. If you are too timid, you will regret the opportunities you didn’t take more than the mistakes you made along the way.

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