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In a recent video on YouTube (above), I showed a short clip from a training event I ran where Evans Willie spoke. You may remember that I previously covered 3 lessons from Evans from the same training event here on the blog. I think what Evans has to say is really important and will help a lot of people move forward in property. Evans success is something others can learn from and I am very proud of everything he has done so far.

I decided to write this blog post because there are more lessons that I really think need to be highlighted from Evans's presentation. Therefore, in this post I am going to cover 3 more lessons from Evans about becoming successful in property. I suggest bookmarking this post to ensure you can review these lessons as and when you need to.

1. Language

You can make as many calls as you like; you can visit as many agents as you like; you can talk to as many landlords as you like, but if you don’t know what to say you will not get anywhere.

An example of this is when you are trying to get a rent to rent deal. When you are speaking to a landlord, it makes sense to speak about a management agreement. This is the language landlords are comfortable with. Landlords have management agreements with their letting agents, so they are familiar with the term. If you use the same term with a letting agent, however, the letting agent may think you are looking to cut them out of the deal. They have the management agreement with the landlord; they don’t want you to replace them. Finding the correct language is key.

2. Control

When you are trying to get a deal, whether it is with a landlord or an agent, you need to be in control of the conversation. The person leading the conversation guides its direction and ultimately its outcome. If you want to make a sale or do a deal, you need to be the one in control.

One easy way to professionally take control of the conversation is to ask the most questions. The person asking the most questions is in control and guides the conversation in the direction that they want it to go. Make sure to know what you want to ask and be able to modify your follow up questions based on the responses you receive.

3. Close

Most importantly of all, you need to be able to close. You can talk well and lead a conversation, but if you can’t close the sale or the deal it will be all for nothing. Some people find it hard to close a deal because they don’t want to be pushy. Other people try to close a deal much too early. The key thing to understand is once you have gone through the conversation and the other person is happy with everything, they want to be closed. You need to be comfortable with this and know how to lead the way.

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