UK Property Market Prediction 2023: 3 Awesome Reasons To Get Into Property NOW

I have just posted a UK property market prediction 2023 update on my YouTube channel. The media is telling everyone that now is a bad time to get into property. There is fear in the market and people are waiting on the sidelines. House prices are dropping, and many amateur landlords are leaving the game. But there is more to the story than meets the eye.

I believe now is probably the best time to invest in property. If you miss this massive opportunity, you will regret not taking action now. In the full video (above), I will explain my exact UK property market prediction (2023) and what you can do to take advantage of it. In this article, I will give you 3 reasons to buy property as soon as possible.

1. UK Property Market Prediction 2023: Regulations Threatened, Then Scrapped

The Government has been threatening landlords with expensive regulation. They threatened bans on so-called ‘no fault’ evictions. They threatened EPC certificate changes that would cost landlords thousands in renovation costs. Many landlords felt forced to sell their properties and move on. But now the government have scrapped all the changes!

Is it just me that thinks that this was a plot? Isn’t it possible that they never intended to bring in these regulations in the first place? Maybe they just wanted to trick amateur landlords into selling, so they can own everything and you can own nothing. If you own property, it is very difficult to take it from you. If you sell it ‘voluntarily’ on the other hand, it is a lot easier for them.

2. UK Property Market Prediction 2023: Buyers’ Market

It is a buyers’ market right now. Sellers are worried prices will drop further and want to sell fast. If you can offer them a fast sale, you can negotiate awesome deals. This is the time to buy. Why would you want to wait until it is a sellers’ market, when the sellers will hold all the cards? Now is the time to think rationally while everyone else is thinking emotionally.

These are the times that the rich invest. It allows them to buy assets while prices are low and profit when prices go back up again. But if you rely on the mainstream media, as the poor do, you won’t realise this. The media will keep you poor by telling you to buy when prices are up and sell when prices are down. Follow what the rich do, not what they tell you to do!

3. UK Property Market Prediction 2023: Interest rates

Interest rates are not actually that high. If you choose the right properties and rent them out correctly as an investor, it can easily be profitable right now. But it is likely interest rates are coming down. Why do I say this? It's simple, mortgages are now cheaper to fix long-term than short term. Therefore, the lenders anticipate rates coming down. Once rates come down, the buyers will come back and prices will rise. Don’t wait for that. Buy property and wait!

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