Deal Sourcr – the new app set to revolutionise property investing!

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Deal Sourcr – the new app set to revolutionise property investing!

Software engineer Ashley Rudland joined Samuel Leeds’ Property Investors Academy in April 2019. Within three months he had made his money back through deal sourcing and rent-to-rents. Then he topped that by developing an app and website which is set to revolutionise how property entrepreneurs operate in the UK. 

Samuel Leeds liked it so much, he bought shares in the business!

Deal Sourcr scrapes sites like Rightmove and Zoopla to find the best property deals in different areas of the country. It identifies potential HMOs (houses in multiple occupancy), negative equity leads for lease option agreements, buy, refurbish, refinance, rent (BRRR) opportunities and motivated sellers.

The software also calculates the return on investment for every property on Rightmove and locates below market value properties for sale, saving investors hours of time spent on research.

Already 185,000 people have signed up for the app including Property Investors’ founder Samuel Leeds who was so impressed with it that he bought shares in the business. Many academy members have also become customers.

Explaining its capabilities, Ashley says: “The app goes on to all websites like Rightmove, and Zoopla and finds all the properties for you in a particular area, based on the criteria you have entered. Then it looks at a deal and says would this work as a single let or HMO or is this a BRRR deal?

It figures out the right deal type for the property and then does all the numbers. So, for an HMO, for example, it figures out the average room rent in the area using SpareRoom local information and calculates what it is for an HMO. Every type of deal is on there.”

Samuel Leeds


Samuel Leeds admits he is not a ‘teccy guy’ and when Ashley first came to him looking for help to scale the Deal Sourcr business he needed persuading. However, now he is on the app constantly because it saves him so much legwork.

“I was teaching strategies on the academy and everybody was saying to me: oh yes, we just use the app. Everybody was talking about it. I thought OK, that’s kind of making void part of my teaching.

“Ashley had a bit of opposition from me in the early days but now I couldn’t imagine being without it.”


The journey that led Ashley to inventing the Deal Sourcr app and website

Samuel Leeds

Ashley, 33, previously ran a tech business which he describes as going through ‘four years of pain’ before deciding he wanted to go into property investing instead. He found Samuel through his YouTube videos and attended his crash course in January 2019 after being impressed by his Financial Freedom Challenge in Sheffield.

Three months later he paid £12,000 to join the academy to learn more and be around like-minded people. He sold his stake in the business in June of that year. By mid-July he says he made all his money back.


Ashley invested in two rent-to-rents in Sheffield because it worked for Samuel, teaming up for one of the projects with another academy member. He also sold some property deals.

“The academy worked, and it was very quick. In a four-week period I made £8,000. It was amazing.”

As part of his advanced training, Ashley attended the Deal Finding Extravaganza. It was during this course that the idea for the Deal Sourcr app came to him.

“I thought this is really about seeing as many properties as possible and you need to filter through a lot of properties on Rightmove. But so much of that work was repetitive. I built it for myself initially. I fixed my own problem. 

“The app wasn’t an app at first. It was originally an ugly thing that found me loads of deals. It was just a negative equity screener. Then I showed it to people and turned it into a product.

“Within a matter of weeks hundreds of people were using it. I thought what’s going on and then people started saying you really need to start charging for this. The rest is history. I changed to a subscription model and I’ve been financially free ever since.”

He credits Samuel and his team for his success.

“I basically took everything they teach you on the academy about sourcing deals, automated the process as much as possible and gave it away to the masses. Obviously, they’ve still got to negotiate the deals and do the hard work, but the legwork is done for them.”


App is ‘disruptive to the industry’ but it is also a game-changer

Samuel Leeds is a massive convert to Dealsourcr and not just because he has shares in it, he says. However, he recognises some deal sourcers might be ‘ticked off’ with the idea.

“Say I want to find an HMO in Birmingham. Rather than me having to look through all the properties to find the potential HMOs or existing HMOs and then work out how much rent I would get – and then go on the different comparable sites and do the same – it just brings all the information together.

“This is why it’s disruptive to the industry because it is a big part of what a deal sourcer will do. They will identify the potential properties. Now of course there’s more to it than that. You’ve got to view the property and negotiate it, but a lot of the work people pay deal sourcers to do is what the app does.”

“Are they going to be ticked off and say you’ve suddenly made something which I’m charging a couple of thousand pounds for. As I say, there’s more to it than that but suddenly you’ve made it completely available so that the average person who doesn’t necessarily know much about property can find a deal. It calculates the return on investment for you. Or are deal sourcers going to be pleased because it saves them time?

“A deal sourcer might like the amount of time they spend on finding a deal because they can justify to their client spending six hours finding a property.”

“This is going to be household name certainly in the investment space but what the app does is it instantly takes away from the research that goes into it. That’s potentially why some deal sourcers might be annoyed.”


Feedback has been 95 per cent positive

deal selling

Ashley says the response he has had to the software so far has been 95 per cent positive. 

“I spoke to James Armstrong when I was building the app. He trained with Property Investors and has become a highly successful deal sourcer. He said if I sell a deal for £3,000 and I spend x amount of hours on it and your app reduces that time, then how much I make per hour goes up, so I make more money. So why would I not use it?”

Ashley agrees a lot of the skill of deal sourcing is in the negotiating and the app frees people up to view more properties, as well as sorting out any problems that may arise.

“Samuel always says the person who views the most properties makes the most money. Why not cut out all that other time you spend on analysis and go out there and view all the properties and negotiate the deals? A deal sourcer is going to make ten times the money they normally could make by using a product that takes away all the time spent analysing deals and spreadsheets. That’s what innovation does. It opens people up to do other things that are more valuable and productive. What about horses and cars? Would you still prefer to have horses? No, you can do much more if you’ve got a car.”

“This is very true,’ says Samuel. “I was honestly somewhat threatened by the app. My whole message is about making property investment accessible for everybody. I teach people. I’ve got free content but suddenly this app came out. There was a part of me that said is this going to make what I do redundant a little bit? It was disruptive.

“I’d recommend the app certainly. The functionality is very good. I don’t speak well of the app just because I have shares in it. I have shares in it because I was afraid not to – because I knew how big it was going to be.

“What changed my way of thinking was it’s going to help with my mission of making property investing easy and accessible to as many people as possible. When there’s an advancement people always get ticked off, like I can go to the shop and buy stuff without speaking to a person and that’s going to make people redundant. Then they get annoyed because of the advancement. When the internet first came out, people were saying it was from the devil and bad but when advancements come out which make daily life easier, whether it is property investing or something else, I think it’s always a good thing.

“A true entrepreneur finds a problem, solves it and makes people’s lives better.”

Ashley says innovation allows people to spend time on the things they love instead of sitting with spreadsheets calculating numbers in the case of property investing. He also makes the point that it stops people making mistakes. 

“If you’re sitting constantly with a spreadsheet doing the numbers, you may forget to put in the cost of insurance each month or use the wrong rate for an agency. All of that stuff is just done for you. You can just look at the deals.

“People still need to know how to work out the return on investment, which is one of the things you learn with Samuel, because you need to know how to put cash in to get the maximum amount out per annum.”


Pitching the deal

Samuel is regularly approached by people with business ideas wanting to partner with him but only has the time to look at schemes suggested by his academy members. 

When Ashley came to him with his app scheme, he was impressed with the product but wanted to know how he could benefit from it.

Ashley says he learnt through that process that, when pitching ideas, you have to keep things simple.

“The first thing is to make the product good and then give someone the elevated pitch. Focus on the win-win and how both you and your potential business partner can benefit.”


Ashley’s tips for would-be property investors 

“You’ve got to have a big reason why you’re doing what you want to do. You need that when it is difficult. You need a big why.”

“You’ve got to go out there and work really, really hard. I put in 100 hours regularly a week for a year.”

“Focus on adding value. That leads everything. That makes everything easier.” 

“I would do the Property Investor courses. The material is now available online for so much less than what I paid. Then go and sell a bunch of deals.”

Samuel 365

Ashley’s why

Ashley grew up on the Chantry council estate in Ipswich and at school was told he was ‘the dumb one.’ He saw his parents do well in the end but in the early 1990s interest rates went up and they lost their house. “From that point on, I wanted them to be free financially, but I also don’t want to have to go through that myself. That’s always driven me. Also, my sister suffered a brain injury five years ago following the birth of her son which poured more gasoline on the fire to do something to help my family.”  


Get a free trial of the app

The Deal Sourcr app is available on trial for free for seven days. After this period, users pay a monthly subscription of £45 or £35.99 when entering the discount code: samuelleeds by following this link.

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