Guess what? I’m at YOUR HOUSE

Samuel Leeds

Guess what? I'm at YOUR HOUSE!

Hello everyone! I am Samuel and today I am driving to your house. Many think that because of the COVID wave and New Year's Eve is also just around the corner, I cannot visit their houses. But guess what? I am coming to some of the people's homes who won the prize after the eviction ended, and some ordered books and other stuff from my website, so I am going to their home. Let's see how they react because they don't know I am coming to them. 

It's the last day of 2020, and tomorrow we all will welcome 2021, so let's surprise people that they have won gifts. It will be fun.


I am just about to reach their home after a smooth drive, and they must be at home due to the current restrictions of COVID-19. Let's find out, and I am almost here. It's Sadie and Ross's house, and I have to find which one is it. They might think that I cannot visit them, but I am here to see their home. It's upstairs, and I pressed the doorbell. 

Ross opened the door with a surprising face like what's happening. I told him that I am here. I come to your home. I then presented him a gift and told them it was all a random selection, and I am glad that they won. 


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