How to be happier

Have you ever wondered what the difference is in the mindset of a happy person and an unhappy one?Some people call it the poverty mindset; it's the idea that you place limitations on your beliefs because it's less strenuous than being optimistic and proactive. It's when you find problems instead of solutions and when you take the approach of ‘it can't be done' instead of ‘anything's possible'.

The truth is you can be whatever you want to be, you simply need to work on your mindset and practice what you want to be. If people around you start doubting or saying you're going to fail, ignore them. If you fail, let it be something to learn from and let it be your choice – not because you didn't even give it a go. When you succeed, (because if you fail enough times, you will succeed) you'll generate enough confidence and energy to last you a lifetime of positivity.

What about the naysayers? What about people who say ‘oh, wait until you're married, wait until you've got kids, wait until they leave home – then you'll be depressed'?  Easy. Ignore them. Let them wait for your downfall, let them wait until they realise it's not coming. Allow no space for negativity.

Having said that, there are obviously specific times when you will need to be pessimistic, such as when you're evaluating a business deal – it might be best in that scenario to be conservative and look at the worst case. However, generally speaking, your life should be abundant with positive thoughts and an optimistic approach.

Do you know about the story of the two brothers? One of them became rich and happy while the other was a wife-beating bum. They were interviewed and asked why they developed into the men they became. Watch the video to find out what their answers were!

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