How to be successful in your 20’s

Ricci is one of our best success stories. If you are wondering how to be successful in your 20's, you are at the right place. The tips and advice in this video have the potential to change your life. Answering the question ‘how to be successful in your 20's' starts with some basic principles. Ricci came to our crash course, attended our academy and took on the advanced training. Now, he's financially free making excellent profit every month. To put it simply, he learned what adjustments he needed to make and reinforced some basic principles.

The two biggest reasons why people fail in business are: they don't take action or they take action but without knowledge/ training. The first basic principle Ricci learned was about the value of training yourself. You need to educate yourself to a position where your actions are meaningful and ultimately, profitable. Ricci was taking action by calling as many estate agents and landlords as he could but there were zero results. That's because he hadn't had the training to make it work. It's true that you just have to get started and you must start somewhere. We recommend you begin at the crash course and then acquire as much knowledge as possible.

Ricci wanted to get into rent to SA deals. He was putting in the effort to make the calls but his script was all wrong. It wasn't until he got trained by Samuel Leeds that things changed. He learned how to pitch, what the legalities were and much more. There is one book which both Samuel and Ricci recommend. It's called ‘Go for No!' – read that if you want to improve your approach to business.

There are tonnes of insights and gems in this video. Please watch it and share it!

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