I Own 4 Houses In The Same Street – South Wales Property Investment

Samuel Leeds

I Own 4 Houses In The Same Street – South Wales Property Investment

Hey, what’s up! This is Samuel Leeds and today in this video I will show you how to own multiple houses on BRR property investment. One of my community members Hannah who also got into the eviction finale has done great deals. So I went to meet her to know about her experiences and gather great information that she has. She bought several properties in a similar street through BRR (Buy Refurbish Refinance Rent) property investments and she didn’t buy using any of her cash. So we both went to visit those properties. Let me show you guys as well.

Owner of Several Houses in Same Street

My Student Hannah lives in Whale and the weather was quite uninviting but who cares. Hannah didn’t have money when I first met her. She was working hard as a solicitor to earn money but her savings were zero. Then she took my classes and started learning about properties and how to buy them without putting your own money. She practiced what I taught her and now she is completely financially stable. She owns multiple houses without using her own money as she implemented my strategies.


I reached her house, greeted her then I asked about her homes that she purchased all in the same place. She showed me all of her houses one by one starting from the one where she is currently living. What she did to own the house is, she got an investor who put all the money in and she found the house for them and pushed the value which they paid for. After that she refinanced then used the remortgage to pay them back and finally she got houses 50 50.

How to Invest Without Using Your Own Cash?

She made changes to the house like making the room bigger or turning it into a living room for a bigger space. The first house that she showed me took around 31,000 pounds to refurb and that’s a small house. She bought it for 69 thousand pounds and after flipping, the new value will probably reach 150 thousand pounds and that’s great. 


I mean buying for 69 which is quite cheap and reselling it for 150 is literally amazing. She purchased a two bed and turned it into four beds. She made incredible changes to the house to make it look better and it also increased the value. This is the creativity to bring simple yet beautiful changes like turning a single washroom to a family bathroom because there should be one common washroom in the house that everyone including guests can use. Also giving a new look to windows and redesigning it.

Moving on to the next house which seemed really old which Hannah bought on 50 50 profit without using her own money. She bought it with James who was also a member of the community and I remember him because I met him when he was 19 and had no money but now see he put his money in the house which Hannah found as a deal. She bought for 65 grand and it cost her 35 grand for refurbishing the whole house. She is hoping the value will reach to 130 grand after flipping in. It is a three-bedroom home and she has planned properly for giving this home a new life by refurbishing it. The kitchen is tiny so she will make a little bit more space and the washroom is quite old so that will also be changed with a new style. The upstairs walls' paint has turned black because of single glazing and the paint is too old now. So she has decided to make some changes and push the value.


Do not Stop! Keep Struggling

Hannah started with zero and here she is standing now. Making money through property investments and she also did rent to rent. She also shared her experience of the academy saying that she learned a lot and it was totally the journey of experience. Upon asking for 3 tips of buying the houses without putting your own money she said, first find the deals. 


The second tip which I suggested is to find investors and make a good relationship with them to build trust. Thirdly, she said get knowledge of property and everything you are going to do.

So basically what I always say: the best investment is yourself. Invest in yourself to learn and get knowledge for achieving goals. Hannah did the same she invested in herself, joined my academy, learned about the property then she started investing in property and now making money. So you can also do the same and if you find my video helpful then do subscribe to my YouTube channel

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