Managing a Rent to Rent HMO whilst Living There!

Managing a Rent to Rent HMO whilst Living There!!

00:47 Is it possible to manage a R2R HMO whilst living there, renting out the other 3 rooms? If so, how would you go about doing this and what may the contracts look like?

01:55 If you had 1 million to invest, what would you do with it?

03:13 What's the lowest rental yield you'd accept for a rental property?

04:09 What's the best ways to find investors for deal sourcing?

04:55 How would you invest 30k as a beginner? Would you focus on a BRRR project so you could pull all your money out, or would you just go for a HMO because it's safer?

05:25 Can u explain how a mortgage works and how u can pay off your mortgage after selling the house you used the mortgage to pay for while still keeping some profit?? Thanks

06:26 1 Samuel how do you suggest getting some real life experience as a young teen ?(not theory) 2 what do you think about taking a business degree in business?

08:14 What are your thoughts on handing over a property to a housing association or local council for a guaranteed rent? (e.g. help2rent) – also would they be reflective of market rates?

08:37 Hey Samuel, I 100% agree with you that people who still live with their parents and they’re mature adults playing PlayStation is shockingly embarrassing. I would ask you how would you motivate them to push them out and get them to go and look for deals if they’re just bums. Thanks.

10:11 Is better to lease or buy thing for your HMO such as sofas, washing and ect.

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