My Prediction for House Prices for January 2021 Was Spot On!

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My Prediction for House Prices for January 2021 Was Spot On!

In July 2020, the average price of a house was £220,936, according to the Nationwide Building Society. So I made a prediction video that July, saying,

“Right now in the UK, July time house prices are around about £220,000. My prediction is that by January next year, they're gonna have gone up. They're gonna be around about £230,000 to £250,000 on average per house.”

So get this, the recent report by the Nationwide Building Society on house pricing, which they released in January 2021, puts the average house price at £229,748, while December's was £230,920. But surprise, surprise, when I published the video, critics, as usual, pounced, claiming I was crazy and had no clue what I was saying.

Yes, I may have a loud marmite personality and use my hands a lot, but that doesn't in any way mean I don't know what's happening in the property market. In fact, I made several other predictions in 2020 regarding the property market and the economy as a whole, and today, nearly each of those predictions has come to fruition.

Don't believe me? Well, let the facts speak for themselves. I urge you to watch the video in which I made these short-term and long-term predictions back in June 2020. Unlike some people who make vague predictions, my predictions are precise, “January 2021, I think house prices are gonna be about  £230,000.”

My parting shot is this, be careful who you listen to or don't, for that matter. While there are honest people in the industry, there are even more who aren't. Some people make ridiculous predictions just to get more business at the expense of others. And I'll be soon calling some of these frauds out. 

Anyway, most of the people that profit immensely from making property deals don't make prediction videos. Instead, they quietly make their money. I choose to make money openly and transparently. I even make prediction videos to share information that can help make other people money. And if you think I benefit from the videos, my YouTube videos don't have ads, which is how most YouTubers make money.

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