RICH vs POOR. The Difference in Mindsets!

A strong positive mindset will go a long way when it comes to achieving your goals. The varying mind states between the rich and poor display the difference it takes to be successful.

Samuel breaks down the top 7 difference between a rich and poor mental state.  Which side do you fall on? Is there a way you can improve upon this to reach your full potential?

  1. A poor person's thinking will always find a problem whereas a rich mind state will solve whatever problem they come across.
  2. A rich person will invest the money that they have a poor way of thinking is to will only to save or spend the money.
  3. A poor mental state will be filled with nothing but complaints where a rich mind is filled with creative output.
  4. Keep learning no matter what. A Poor mind people will stay in their comfort zone and stop learning. A rich mind will get comfortable being uncomfortable and keep learning.
  5. A Poor mind is easily stopped and once they reach a roadblock they are easy to give up. A rich person sees themselves as unstoppable!
  6. Rich people are known for taking risks and at times taking the least conventional route to success, a poor mind will play it safe at all times.
  7. Always think about doing all you can such as achieving more than one thing this is rich thinking. A poor mind will always instead think of ‘or’ instead of ‘all'.


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