The guy who does my videos …..

Samuel Leeds

The guy who does my videos……

Hey what’s up? My name is Samuel Leeds and today I will interview a person who is always behind the camera. Yes, you guessed it right, he is my videographer Pav. We have done so many freedom challenges and been through so many things together. We travelled to different cities and countries for a financial freedom challenge. He is amazing at his work which was filming the challenge. The reason why I chose him is because he captures and covers every moment. Now I will interview him.  

About Pav 

His name is Pavel shortly Pav. He was interested in property stuff and he took different training then he researched about property on YouTube so he came across my name Samuel Leeds and then after 2 months he was working with me. Isn't that amazing? He belongs to the videography field and he loves to ask questions regarding the property field. A guy named Ralph who was a link between me and Pav, he connected us.  

The first time we met was, we were doing a challenge in London and Sarah came suddenly in the office and said Ralph was supposed to film the challenge but he is not doing so who can do it. Pav stood and said I will then Sarah came to me and told me that Pav is going to film and I was like who Pav? Because there were 40 members of staff and Pav was new at that time so I didn’t know him well.  

Well, we had to film the challenge for 12 hours and it was amazingly done. Everything filmed was a reality and it covers all the perspectives of the challenge.  

In Conversation with Pav 

We have experienced reality and real reactions of the people and Pav had perfectly captured those moments. Like Evan’s challenge was great, he said that it was his dream apartment and the agent was a fan of mine and the reaction was all sudden. Like if we asked him to react again on camera, his reaction wouldn’t be the same so Pav captured the real reaction. Nothing was scripted. We just make sudden plans to do challenges, people might think it was all scripted but it was not.  

The trips we have done have given so much learning to Pav. He said that he learned three questions, are you earning, are you learning and are you enjoying yourself. He enjoyed meeting different people and learned different things from them.  

One amazing thing about Pav is he also wrote the book name “How to talk to strangers?” What inspired him to write a book was a pandemic time where he was taking an online course regarding this topic and he wanted to do something. These days you don’t have to struggle to publish your material, everything done easily online so he did it. Now he is on his second book which he named “How to be happy.”  

I asked Pav about job perspectives like people say I am anti-jobs which I am not but many people after winning the challenges say the same thing that finally I get rid of job kind of things. He being the camera man and as an employee I asked what he thinks about this? He said, he believes in don’t putting all eggs in one basket. He engages himself on different platforms. It’s like a salary coming every month and you have side earnings also. He said that Samuel you are very supportive and motivate everyone to do something. The true boss always encourages their employees.  

Another question I asked Pav is what he likes working with me? He said I was so excited when I got your number and showed it to my girlfriend. Further he said that he finds me understanding which is very important according to him. He enjoys working with me saying that he gets extra insights on how you are thinking. He was really inspired.  


The Eviction Story 

At the time of eviction, Pav was also giving online classes to the people around the world about video making. He asked me that he had classes for two days so can he take it? To which I replied that yeah sure I will cancel the challenge. The moment when we were entering the room where Pav had to take class, I suddenly said let’s do the challenge and he was like okay man let me cancel my class. It was so sudden and now we are laughing about it.  

When the eviction was about to start, the lockdown happened just two days before and I was thinking how we were going to do it. I decided to call everyone and tell them that because of lockdown the eviction is postponed. But when everybody gathered, I saw everyone eft their jobs for the eviction and I was also excited to do it, so on the spot I changed my decision and said this month we are going ahead to do the eviction.  


Three Tips for being a Good Videographer 

Pav gave three tips to become a good videographer, he said: 


  1. You need to be nice to people and make them comfortable with you.  
  2. Know your things and keep learning new things. Do not stop, just make yourself grow every time. 
  3. Do not put all your energy into making things perfect. Just make it done and it will be perfect by the time. 


That’s the cool tips that Pav gave. Paying more attention to videos is more important for me if the video needs it, I cancel my other appointments because I have to sit with my videographers and discuss each and everything like how we are going to do it.  


Pav’s Point of View 

I being the property guide most people came to me and said we are very much inspired from you and you have changed our life. So, I asked Pav, how he feels capturing all those moments and what influenced him while editing those videos. He responded, it feels great to him being a silent hero as nobody knows who is behind the camera and editing and praising my videos. He said they praise me because I am in the video, but it feels good that you know that I am behind the camera.  

I appreciate this because they are the silent heroes and I have a lot of silent heroes who are working with me to make my videos and business better.  

We also discussed the Uganda trip where Pav was selected and got a high score to go to Uganda with me. He was new and so excited because he loves travelling and the freedom challenge also went well filming wise. He was happy to see how people welcomed me there. 

There was another funny thing that happened on our way back. I gave two options to Pav that either you fly business and sleep or take the economy and I will give you 500 quid. But today I got to know that he flew economy but never got that 500 quid. It is even more funny. We laughed so hard now.  

I did the same with another person named Sergi. I gave him the same option and he was like oh my God what to do. He wanted money so he chose economics. I went to business because I needed a sleep as we were on work for a whole freaking week and was extremely tired. As I get off the plane, I again got back to work right from there so sleep was necessary for me at that time. The trip was great as we visited different places to explore and experience the work.  


Wrap Up! 

Alright, it was all for today. We both had a great conversation and Pav’s has good future plans, he wants to start his business, get more clients, do the videos. If you like Pav, get connected to him through his website and on social media you can approach him with a name Curious Pavel. And yes, do subscribe to my YouTube channel as well. Good luck! 

Ever wondered who is doing my videos? Here is one of the guys.

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