What If Tenants Don’t Pay Rent? COVID-19

What If Tenants Don’t Pay Rent? COVID-19

What If …

What if tenants don't pay rent due to COVID-19? Businesses all over the world are adjusting to the global pandemic. Some more extreme and others not so much. When it comes to the world of property, both tenants and landlords, in this case, are all in the same boat. And at the end of the day compassion and logic is the way forward during these difficult times.

If you’re a landlord wondering how you will pay your mortgage if tenants don’t pay their rent, then please listen and don’t panic. In this video, Samuel shares his thoughts and opinions. He gives his advice to everyone who isn’t sure where they stand or what they should do.


In a relationship, it is often said that one of the most important things is communication. You and your significant other should learn to communicate efficiently, openly and honestly. This creates a deeper level of understanding and trust. It allows both parties to understand one another frustrations or fears without the worry of being ridiculed, or simply not listened too. Tenants and Landlords are no different. In a way, like it or not, whichever you are, you’re in a kind of relationship.

If you can understand friends, family or your significant other’s worry or uncertainty during this time, it is not hard to spread the compassion to your tenants or vice versa. We are all human at the end of the day and we are all in this together. It is especially easy during these days to feel a sense of unease and to occasionally panic. So the best we can all do is come from a level-headed place of understanding.

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