3 Assets That Are Better Than Cash

A lot of people chase money, but actually there are 3 assets that are better than cash. In a recent video, I shared three assets that, in my opinion and from my experience, are far superior and more valuable than money.

In this article, I will explain why these 3 assets are better than cash. If you invest in these assets you will be in a much better position than if you just have money in your bank account. Please consider sharing this article with a friend who could benefit from it. The education system doesn’t teach this, so it is up to us to spread this information widely.

3 Assets That Are Better Than Cash: 1. Property

The first one, and you probably guessed this one, is property. Let's say you've got £50,000 of money, and it's just in the bank. What happens to that money over time? Well, what happens is that money becomes worth less and less. The reason for that is because money is not a good asset. They're printing money and this causes inflation to go up.

Just in the last 3 years since lockdown, money has lost 30% of its value. This means things have gotten more expensive, but the money stayed the same. If you had £50k in the bank, it's now gone down 30%. If you had £100k in the bank, now that £100k is going to be equivalent to £70k in purchasing power.

Let's say you put £50,000 into a piece of real estate, you can look back over the last hundred years and on average, the house doubled in value, and then doubled again, and then doubled again, and then doubled again! On average, if you look back at the last 100 years, you can see right up until today, house prices have doubled every 10 years!

2. Your Brain

Number two, the second asset that you should invest in that's more valuable than money, is your brain! I believe that property is the second-best investment; the best investment is yourself. I would rather you wipe my bank account clean, my millions of pounds go down to zero, than you wipe my brain to zero!

A lottery winner will make 5 million. Where are they 10 years later? They've lost it. 90% of lottery winners lose their money within 10 years because they've not got the knowledge to keep the money, to grow the money, to preserve the money, to make more money.

So property is the second-best. The best investment, the best asset there is, is you. How do you invest in yourself? You can invest your money into books, seminars, and courses, and getting mentors. As I said, I'd rather you wipe my bank than wipe my brain.

3. Your Network

The third one, this is huge. If you took this off me, I'd be so screwed! And that is your network! In business, it's not just what you know, it's also who you know. I have tens of thousands of people on my list and subscribers to my YouTube channel. My email list has got over 100,000 people on it. These are people that keep up with what I'm doing, my latest deals, my latest updates, people I'm doing business with.

I would rather you wipe my bank account to zero than you wipe my subscribers and my email list. If I woke up one day and I lost my whole email list, all my subscribers, all my followers on Instagram, it would be terrible for me because money comes from people.

I'm not just talking about potential customers; I'm also talking about suppliers. Where do I get all my contacts that do my video editing right now, my accountants, my solicitors? They're all part of my network, my power team. So in my opinion, from my experience, those are the three best assets.

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