How To Get Rich With No Money In Africa (3 Steps)

In a recent video for my YouTube channel, I explained how to get rich with no money in Africa or anywhere else in the world. In the video, I shared what I would do if I were starting again from scratch. I explained what I would do if I was in Africa, and I didn't have any money, and I wasn't Samuel Leeds.

In this article, I will explain a simple strategy for how to get rich with no money in Africa. You can use this strategy in Africa or pretty much anywhere in the world. If you want a full understanding of this strategy and exactly what steps you should take, please watch the full video (above). If you find this article helpful, please share it with someone who is just starting out. Let’s get real financial education to the people!

How To Get Rich With No Money In Africa Step 1: Experience

What I would do is, I would start out by finding property developers, because they make a lot of money. There's people buying land, building on the land, literally doubling their money in some cases. So, you can make millions of pounds.

What I would do if I was starting out, and I had no money, no reputation, no nothing is I would build a brand. I would go around some of these developers, I'd learn the tricks, I'd learn what they're doing. I’d work as an apprentice or even work for free. I'd realize building your knowledge is more important than money at this stage. So, rule number one is, I would start by building my knowledge of how to make money. I’d learn how it works before trying it myself.

How To Get Rich With No Money In Africa Step 2: Find Investors

Then, after I built my knowledge, I'd build my network. I'd then start finding investors – overseas investors or locals that wanted to get into property development. Big development companies build hotel blocks, apartment blocks and big beautiful mansions from scratch. A lot of these companies are actively looking for investors.

I've been speaking to some of the owners of massive buildings, apartment complexes where they'll build 150 apartments on one site. What they need is investors! They are prepared to give you 2% as a referral fee, and they don't care who you are!

Let's say they're selling apartments off-plan for $100,000 each. But they're selling an apartment block, so they need a lot of investors. It doesn't matter if you're nobody, it doesn't matter if you've got no experience, they'll pay you 2% if you can find them an investor! If you can introduce an investor to them that spends $100k-$200k, you could make about $2,000-$3,000. It's like being a deal sourcer in many ways.

How To Get Rich With No Money In Africa Step 3: Buy Land

I would do this for a while and save the money. Then, I'd buy a piece of land with that money. It might not be in a prime location. I've been to some areas of Ghana where you can buy land for $5k-$10k, for example. So, I'd buy a piece of land and do a small development.

Now, I've got the skill to be able to raise finance. I've got a bit of a reputation, I've got a bit of a network. Instead of raising finance for other people's deals and passing the investors to the developers, I'm going to pass the investor to me. I'm going to do my first project. I would do a small project, $100,000, and double my money. I’d make $100,000 for myself, starting from nothing. And then, snowball that, grow that. Rinse and repeat.

How To Get Rich With No Money In Africa Step 4: Learn From Me

The most important step in how to get rich with no money in Africa or anywhere else is education. Why not learn from a property expert? Join me at my next training event!

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